S ynergy Lestari Group (SLG) was officially launched on September 11th 2019. This group business is made to realize our dream to actively making innovation and giving good impact to the society by making business in various different industry.

‘Synergy Lestari’ itself can be translated into English as ‘Synergy and Sustainable’. Those 2 words are the summarized of our vision and mission. We are dreaming to synergizing the companies under our group, the employees, and other stakeholders to create a sustainable business environment.

Before we made SLG, we own a few companies which focusing on automotive and farming. In automotive industry, our founder had started the company since 1997. Our first company is called Indo Motor Lestari, located in Pecenongan, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

We have a vision to create as many business as possible in various different industry to give solution and innovation to the society.

In SLG we believe that all of our employees are the family which have to support and protect each other. We continuously improving our team skills and capabilities to ensure the customers and clients get the best business experience with us.


Synergy Lestari Group is very active to give back to the community and the nature. Our foundation (Bangka Alam Lestari) is very active to create CSR activities mainly in Bangka island.